4 Home Remedies For Pinworm

Remedies For Pinworm

Remedies For Pinworm

Pinworms are parasites that invade the intestinal tract and other parts of the body. Pinworms are characterized by itching around the anus, but sometimes there are no symptoms at all. Other symptoms can include abdominal pain, joint pain, insomnia, convulsions, and many other widely varying sign. It lives in lower portion of human digestive system. They survived by the nutrients that are consumed by the human.
This disease is very common throughout the world and very common in especially young children. Size of an adult pinworm is about one-half inch. It seems a small threadlike roundworm. The eggs of pinworm are oval in size and flat on the side. It is too small that one can’t see it without microscope. In case if you and any of your family member cause with the problem, following home remedies for pinworms can help you to get rid of that problem:

Garlic-Garlic has been used for expelling intestinal worms from ancient times by Chinese, Greeks, Hindus and many parts of rest of the world. It is the most useful spice and has medicinal value. Mash some cloves of garlic and add honey in them. Mix the both well. Have the mixture 2-3 times a day and take it for a week.


Coconut– Coconut is most effective home remedy, its’ nutritional value is also known since ancient time. It is useful to cure any type of pinworm. Take a table spoon of freshly coconut. Take it in your breakfast and after three hours take a dose of caster oil. The process may be repeated till the cure is complete.


Take Fibrous food in much quantity-To get rid of pinworms you should take diet rich in fibers, as high fibrous food is helpful in getting rid of this problem. Try to increase the amount of grain and vegetables in your diet chart. It will help you to get rid of pinworms and also increase the level of health of your body as well.

Fibrous food

Carrot-The carrot is valuable home remedy in the elimination of threadworms from children as it is offensive to all parasites. A small cup of grated carrot taken every morning, with no other food added to the meal, can clear these worms quickly.



  • John Bonavia

    I read your article about pinworms and used the prescribed method. Well after trying several medicines prescribed by a doctor ie Bioflor and Motilium and two days of agonizing pain for my 8 year old son this happend. About a minute or two after giving my son two dietary fiber tablets and 3 pieces of crashed garlic mixed with 2 teaspoons of honey he became almost hysteric with pain and convultions for 5 minutes then almost miraculously and abrubtly he became like new again. At one point I tought I really messed up a was taking him to a Hospital but everthing went back to normal as if nothing has ever happend. That except for the bad breath of course. Many thanks to our helpful site.
    regards John.

  • Wanda H

    Other than using crushed garlic, will garlic pills work?

  • Jubeelyne Gernale

    …is there already a research about carrots as treatment to pinworms?
    …I’m interested on it….
    …if someone knows about it, kindly give me some feedbacks…

    …nice and informative site…


  • gracie

    Do pinworms cause you not to be able to gain weight?
    When I was younger I used to have a normal weight but at 6 yrs. old
    I got the pinworms and from there on I haven’t been able to gain weight, eventhough I eat alot.

  • Kaylie

    Im 13 and I keep getting pinworms ! I wash my hands soo much that they are dry as a raisin ! I wash my sheets, clothes, ect. in hot water and dry in the dryer ! I eat garlic everyday ! I even put crushed up gralic on my butt ! I need help pleasee ! This is embarrissing & I hatee telling my mom every couplee of weeks ! Someone help mee !

  • Caring Mom

    Hi Kaylie, did you see a Doctor yet about it? If not, please do. They will help you clear up the problem and will be able to advise you what to do and take to keep them away. All the best. Just remember, you are not alone. Many suffer from the same problem.

  • furious

    My kids and I have had them for 5 months so far. I’ve cleaned the house, toys with soaps, steam cleaning, vacuuming and nothing works. They’ve taken vermox and albenza with no help. I’ve tried garlic tablets and pumpin seeds. They seem permanent. My dr’s act like I’m making it up that we still have them!