Holi Special Recipe: Bhang Ke Sharbat


Celebration of holi cannot be complete without having bhang ke vade. Yes, in this colourful festival of holi, you need to include bhang ke evade in the menu. Or else, you will never enjoy the real spirit of holi.

Here, in this article I will tell you about how to prepare vang ke vade. The ingredients you need for making vang ke vade are one and half liters of water, one cup of milk, one and half cup of sugar, one tablespoon skinned dried seeds of watermelon, one tablespoon of almonds, half teaspoon of saunf and cardamom from each. Apart from these, the most important ingredient you need is half tablespoon of poppy seed along with half teaspoon of original rose water and one quarter cup of rose petals and I teaspoon of pepper.

Take half liter of water and soak the sugar in it and keep it aside. Now soak all the rest of the dry ingredients in remaining two cups of water. Leave them for two hours and then grind them properly to get a fine paste.

Next, you need to mix the paste with the remaining water after soaking. Now, you need to strain the solution into a pot by using a muslin cloth. Make sure that you should squeeze out the liquid from the residue containing in the cloth.

Now, bring the milk, rose water and sugared water and mix them with the extracted liquid of all the spices and poppy seeds. The amount of milk and other ingredients can be increased according to your taste and the amount you want. Before you serve the mixture, which is called bhang ke sarbat, keep it in freeze for half an hour before you serve.

This drink is a typical item for holi, which is good and tasty for health as well.