High Protein, Low Carbohydrate Diet


Have you heard abut the Atkins Diet, known for helping you to lose weight effectively, and reducing accumulated fat in the body? It is a low carbohydrates and high protein diet.

Though serious researchers do not recommend such diet plans, many people try to opt for such programs as the results will be noticeable quickly. But beware…!  Numerous health authorities including the American Heart Association, Medical and Dietetic Associations have been issuing continuous warnings about such diets and the dangers that they can bring in.

When you are on a diet plan that is specifically low in carbohydrates and high in protein, there is imminent danger of serious health-related problems. When you go on eating foods containing very meager quantities of carbohydrates, as a daily routine, the body will witness a change as fats tend to build up in your bloodstream, which is dangerous, resulting in gout or kidney stones.

Hence, such a diet should definitely be avoided.   Research has evidence to prove that such a diet can make you prone to develop heart-related conditions.

Apart from the above, continuous dieting with low carbohydrates and high protein foods may bring in changes in your routine lifestyle function. When you consume lesser carbohydrates, – which the body needs and you are denying it, – the result will be drastic. You will feel fatigued and nauseated; there will be severe headaches and sudden vertigo.

Apart from this, remember that when your food is low in fiber content, you will suffer from continuous constipation and diarrhea. Since this is neither a balanced nor a nutritious diet plan, it is likely to harm you more than doing any good.

Though you may find immediate results in the form of speedy loss of weight, but the reality is something else. The weight that you are losing through such a diet is only water weight, which will eventually make it difficult to burn the fat and in turn lose weight.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that a Low Carbohydrates, High protein diet is flawed and requires a very high maintenance rate. Health experts suggest exercising along with a balanced diet.

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