As mankind wakes up to the healthiness of nature and unaffected products, herbs endure on a major role. The normal day to day food and spices have now stepped out from the kitchen to become products for health care, which are easy on the pocket as well as they are healthy without any side effects.

The well known and effective measures of ayurveda over the years have proved the goodness and healthiness of herbs and simple foods for the body. They keep the body fit and healthy. Below are some herbs and their usefulness for our health.

Goodness of bay leaves: Bay leaves are herbs which are used in food for taste and smell. They taste like wood and are used fresh as well as in dry form. These leaves are helpful in treating type II diabetes, which is non-insulin-dependent. If a person is suffering from type II diabetes, then his body stops responding to insulin or is not able to generate enough insulin, which is needed to convert glucose into energy. Bay leaves help in this case in the regulation of insulin levels.

Besides this, the essential oils of the bay leaves are also used as massage oil, as it helps in blood circulation and provides relief from muscular soreness. This oil is used in hair tonics as well as helping in hair loss. And not to forget, this leaf enhances the taste of dishes as well. But it’s recommended to remove the leaves from the food before serving as they are very sharp and can damage the digestive track or the throat.

Goodness of paprika: Paprika is an herb which can prove to be useful if you are on a weight watch. Paprika improves the fat burning capacity of the body by improving the metabolic rate and it also helps in curbing the appetite.  Paprika can be in both forms. It can be hot as well as mild. It adds redness in the dish. The use of paprika adds liveliness to the dish, whether be it fish or chicken or even mashed potatoes.

Besides the food qualities of paprika, it also helps in regulating the blood pressure, helps in improving blood circulation and increases the generation of saliva, because it is an anti-bacterial agent and activist. It also helps in digestion by improving the stomach acids. This spice also carries vitamin C of the size of 9 tomatoes.

It is rightly said that herbs can make the dish tasty as well as they can make the human body fit.