Herbs that help shed pounds


Several herbs help shed unwanted weight and help to maintain the lost weight. Here are a few herbs that are effective in this area.

This is rich in saponins, which make fat more soluble. They keep the blood vessels healthy and are also sources of flavones, isoflavones and sterols.

This is seaweed, which can be procured in the form of pills, tinctures and even in its dried form. It tastes great and is great substitute of salt. It strengthens the thyroid, thereby increasing the metabolism. It also provides the body with easily absorbable nutrients, thereby reducing cravings. It also works as a laxative.

It has the ability of break down fat molecules. In combination with burdock root, it helps to balance oils and fats in the body. You can take it in the form of tea and reduce cravings, assist digestion and lose weight.

It improves fat metabolism. While chickweed breaks down the fat, burdock transports it out of the body. It purifies the blood and lymphatic system. High in iron, it can help build blood. It is a mild laxative and helps in eliminating uric acid.

It is a thermogenic herb that helps in any digestive condition.

It helps improve circulation and digestion and also has thermogenic effects. Studies show that it increases core body temperature and thus causes the metabolism to increase causing weight loss.

It also is a thermogenic herb. It lowers the bad cholesterol and helps to fight against obesity, insulin resistance.

Dandelion root
It has an effect on the liver and causes fat metabolism. It detoxifies and acts as a tonic and stimulant.

They are high in vitamins C and E and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, silica and potassium. They detoxify and have an effect on weight loss.

It is a diuretic, which reduces hunger and improves energy. However, it should not be consumed over the recommended amount because it is potentially toxic. Four tsp of seeds in two pints of boiling water are enough.

Gymnema Sylvestre
It reduces sugar cravings and hypoglycaemia by enabling the pancreas to maintain a steady blood sugar.

This is a diuretic and nutritional aid. You can take parsley juice to curb appetite and reduce cravings. Carrot and parsley can be combined to maintain proper blood sugar levels.