Herbs for skin


herbsforskin How often do you get frustrated because the skin care product you are using has failed you? When this happens we all blame the creams and lotions we use. We are right in a way, but at the same time we are at fault as well.

We often believe what the commercials say and go for the products immediately. We hardly look at the label and see what ingredients have been used in the product.

For best results, it is better to choose all natural products. They will never let you down.

Now that you know that natural products are helpful, you need to know which herbs can help you get the perfect skin. Here are some tips to make the right selection:

1. Make sure that the knife or the scissors that you use to cut the herbs are sharp. At the same time, it is better to do this task in the morning.

2. If you are planning on harvesting herbs such as calendula, lavender or roses, then do the harvesting when the bud becomes mature enough and there has been a recent bloom of the flowers.

3. Make sure the herbs are clean and fresh. If there is any insect or the herbs are infected, then do not use them.

4. Do not completely dehydrate the herbs. Then they will become useless.

5. Store the herbs in a dry and cool place. Make sure they stay away from the sunlight. It is better to store them in a glass jar or a bag.

Here is a simple process of drying the herbs. Gather the herbs, tie them up and then hang them upside down. Make sure that the place where you dry the herbs has proper ventilation system.

It is better if the temperature of the room is somewhere between 65 to 85 degrees F (or approx 30 degrees C). That is considered as the ideal temperature to dry the herbs.

Remember to make separate bundles for different herbs. Do not tie them together. Drying the herbs can be bit time consuming. It can take 3 days to even 3 weeks.

If you are drying the roots as well as the seeds, then that might take a bit more time. When the herbs are fully dry, then the flowers will become dry and crisp. The seeds will become dark in color and hard. Then you know that the herbs are ready to use.

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