Healthy Snacks


Besides the meals in a day, people intake various snacks in order to kill their hunger. Most of the people eat inappropriate junk food, between their meals. People take extra efforts to make low fat meals to stay healthy but they forget to take care of the snacks which they intake, which sabotage all their efforts.

In order to maximize the benefit of healthy eat, one has to maintain it through the day. A proper exercise regimen is also important, as it plays a big role in toning your body. However, a proper healthy diet is the key for a healthy body.

Usually people are seen munching on snacks and candy, not only because of their taste, but also because they are unaware of their alternatives. A large variety of healthy snacks are available in the market these days, which are healthy as well as easy to prepare.

Some of the examples of such healthy snacks are given below.

– yogurt is rich in vital nutrients like proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. Low fat yogurts are also available, which are highly recommended for those who want to lose some extra pounds. Yogurts are tasty and can be mixed with almost all kinds of fruits. They are also available in various flavors.

Fruits and vegetables: – it is essential to include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. They are extremely refreshing as well as nutritious, not to forget that they taste excellent as well. The ideal snacks for in-between munching are carrots, celery, and pepper.

Low fat jello: – it is the perfect snack for those who want variety. Low fat jello can satisfy a chocolate desire and is great for in-between meals. They taste great as well. However, keep in mind not to intake a large amount of jello as they are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates.

Rice cakes: – they are healthy and low fat snacks, and come in a wide range of variety. Rice cakes are low in fat and calories, but at the same time they are high in carbohydrates. It’s recommended to have them early in the day and before a workout.

However if you are an intense bodybuilder, and want a high protein snack, then you can have lentils or soybean salad. Commercial and Home made snack bars are also a great source of proteins. Various shakes, rich in protein can also do well. They are great filler and can provide you with adequate amount of proteins.

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