Healthy Hair And Healthy Diet


Hair is not healthy and shining, not because of what you apply to your hair, it is the food that you consume which makes it healthy. Hair care needs conditioners and shampoo, but these can only provide health to your hair to a certain extent. Healthy hair is obtained not in the salon or during shower; you have to go into the kitchen.  

Hair on our bodies grows at the rate of about 6 inches annually and it is the nutrients in our food which makes our hair grow luxuriantly. A good diet will help you have stronger cells and hair will also be healthy. Though you may get food supplements to make your hair thick and hasten its growth, you should take nutrients from your diet. Supplements can also have adverse effects.

Only right diet can stimulate hair growth. Right diet will include correct amounts of green vegetables, milk, fish, eggs, beans and nuts, along with plenty of water.

Among fishes, Salmon has plenty of fatty acids of Omega-3 variety and are full of B-12 Vitamin along with Iron, which are all necessary to ensure health of your scalp. Oysters which are good antioxidant and Zinc can help your hair to be healthy. Zinc can also be obtained from red meat.

Diet should also include legumes, since lentils or Kidney Beans supply plenty of protein, along with Zinc, Biotin, and Iron for good growth of hair. Eggs are also a good source for protein, which should be included in your diet. Eggs have Biotin and B-12 vitamin, known as nutrients to enhance beauty. Among others, Chicken can help healthy growth of hair.

Vegetables which are greenish, like Broccoli, Spinach or Swiss Chard contain good quantity of Vitamin A, and also C, which we require for producing Sebum. Sebum is a natural hair conditioner, which is secreted by the hair follicles. Vegetable diets should include Calcium and Iron, which is available aplenty in Carrot. It also contains Vitamin A for a healthy hair growth.

For good growth of hair, you should use dairy produce with low fat content, because these contain plenty of Calcium, while skimmed milk or yogurt also have Whey and Casein to help proper growth of hair.

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  • It’s hard to believe that your diet affects your hair, but it does.

  • Did not know about the sebum yet and some references to research onto diet and hair would be quite nice as there is plenty out there, yet the practical aspect of telling readers which foods may make the trick is surely achieved.

    Nice read!