Healthy Eating


Eat to Achieve Greater Vitality
Establish eating habits that reduce tiredness while boosting metabolism throughout the day.
Every busy man should make it a priority to monitor their food intake, yet the majority of men treat the body much like they treat an automobile, refueling at the last possible moment.

Sports Nutritionist Nancy Clark suggests eating the right food at the right time throughout the day.  The important thing is to eat well and more frequently.  Snacks, taken throughout the day are a good strategy for ensuring that you have energy reserves all the time.  Here are a few suggestions of when to eat and what to eat.

Early Morning – Have a great start to the day

Breakfast – as the name implies is breaking the fast.  Having spent many hours without eating, the body needs to boost the energy with a nutrition-packed meal with essential protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Before you leave home: Have a bowl of cereal, rich in fibre, with a splash of semi-skimmed milk.  This gives enough nutrients as well as fibre essential for the digestive system.  Research by Dr Elizabeth Kunkel has shown that over a fortnight period, people who ate fibre rich food felt more energetic because the fiber helps the stomach retain food for longer periods.

While travelling to work:  Have a selection of healthy munchies.  These cost little but are nutritious, full of potassium and magnesium. Potassium is necessary for converting sugar in the blood to energy while magnesium keeps production of lactic acid in check.

At work:  Cheese is a good choice as a snack.  Have it on its own or with fruit.  Cheese is rich in protein, essential for muscle building.  It is also rich in calcium and minerals necessary for energy.

Mid Morning – Avoid the mid-morning slow down
The body will need to refuel with energy giving foods.  Drinking tea with a small amount of sugar will boost your sugar levels, while the caffeine is good for mental alertness.  Substances in tea, particularly green tea are a good booster for metabolism.  Avoid processed foods like creams and pastries, opt for fruit instead.  Fruit is a good energy source as it breaks down slowly, giving the body and brain a paced release of sugar.

Lunch time : Have a wholesome meal
Eat food rich in slow-releasing energy that will take you through to the end of the day.  Fish is rich in Omega-3, essential for the mind and brain, try some tuna fillet.  Research indicates that Omega-3 increases red blood cells efficiency and boosts oxygen supply in the body.  Try having a salad with cold meat or boiled egg, and topped with olive oil.  A burrito with spicy beans is great for staying alert according to an Australian researcher.

Overcome work fatigue with a light yoghurt.  A snack of crackers and peanut butter is rich in protein and fat for quick energy.