Healthy Eating Habits- 5 Crucial Things

healthy eating habits

In today’s world, everybody wants to eat and live healthy. To achieve this, healthy eating habits are very important. There is however one problem.

Often in their quest to healthy eating, people are bombarded with such a huge a stream of information that they find themselves at a loss about what advices to follow and what to ignore. And often also, many of this information will be contradictory to each other to confound people further.

So while it is always advisable to consult a reliable and trusted dietitian for an elaborate diet plan, falling back to a few basics may help you help yourself. In fact, maintaining a few basics can often do more wonders to one’s health than one may believe.

So before you go for an elaborate health program, here are 5 quick things that will improve your healthy eating habits.

Low-Calorie Drinks:

In the field of drinks, it is good to avoid high-calorie drinks. Contrary to popular belief, frequent fruit juices are not good for health. They can cause havoc to your waist line, too. As a regular drink beside water, green tea is a good option. It is full of antioxidants and is thus immensely healthy. Punches containing green tea can be considered, too.

Big Breakfasts:

Breakfasts should never be skimpy meals. It gets our metabolism started and prepares us for the day. And remember not to limit your breakfast to one single item either- like noodles or sandwiches. Add porridge and cereals to your breakfast and always include milk in your breakfast menu.

Seasonal Eating:

Eating in season is another healthy eating habit. Try to avoid stored and off-season food. They are expensive and lacking in nutrients, too. Instead opt for fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is even better if one can stick to only locally grown stuff.


The nutritional benefits of blueberries are often ignored. But blueberries are actually a rich source of antioxidants and phytonutrients. In fact researches have shown that it contains those elements more than any other fruit or vegetable. So it is often good to drink some blueberry punches now and then or mix them in one’s cereal.

Wild Fishes:

Many people tend to avoid wild fishes in favour of farm-raised fishes. While the latter have their own benefits, avoiding wild fishes altogether can be bad for your health. Fishes like salmon and scallops are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and thus are a rich source of nutrients.

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