Healthy Eating: 5 Easy Tips to Eat Right

healthy eating tips

You are what you serve on your plate every day. Healthy eating habits come early and once you adapt them, it’s not very difficult to maintain those habits.

It easy to fall for processed and junk food that’s readily available everywhere, but difficult to reap the consequences later. A balanced and healthy meal requires a little planning and commitment.

Here are a few healthy eating tips to mend your poor food habits and develop a few good ones:

Cook your meals: It’s easy to order a sandwich from outside and load yourself with excess calories. The temptation is always there, but if you think and plan, you can easily churn out a simple meal for you and your family every day. This is the first essential step of a healthy eating program. Eating out should be restricted to once in a fortnight or on weekends. Home cooked meals are far healthy and nutritious. Be experimental with your recipes and make your food new and interesting.

Read the nutrition Labels: It’s a very good habit to scan through the nutritional labels when you shop for your food. Don’t just load your shopping cart blindly. Go through the nutritional facts provided on the food labels. It would help you know the amount of fat, proteins, carbohydrates and preservatives present in your purchase. Think and act accordingly.

Tame your tongue: Delicious and awesomely tasting food is not always unhealthy, but most of the times it is! You need to get used to a taste that is little mild and subtle. Adjusting your taste buds to a moderate taste is easy, provided you remain consistent and regular. If we keep adding excess sugar and salt to our food, the taste buds would always require sugary and highly salted food.

Go green and raw: Adding more greenery to your food will surely take you a long way to good health. Make sure you have at least 3-4 servings of green vegetables and salads every day. Shop for more greens every time you go for grocery and vegetable shopping. They are low in calories, keep you full, burn the fat and increase the metabolism rapidly.

Control your portions: It’s okay to binge and indulge in high calorie foods once in a while, but it’s important to limit and control your serving portions on the plate. Excess eating results in extra calories. So eat a wide variety of food but in limited portions.