Health Benefits Of Camel’s Milk

Health Benefits Of Camel's Milk

Benefits Of Camel's Milk

Cow’s Milk Versus Camel’s Milk

The majority of us consume cow’s milk on a regular basis. However, many of us are not aware of the benefits of camel’s milk. Among the many other benefits of drinking camel’s milk, ending impotency is on the list.

Gaining Popularity

Camel milk is now being sold in many Indian markets through milk parlours. The milk parlours, known as Saras, are located in such places as New Delhi, Jaipur and Bikaner. Until recently, many consumers did not have access to camel’s milk in the urban areas of the country.

Prevent Diabetes

Now more readily available to more people, camel’s milk is commonly used for impotency, much needed nutritional value and even for the treatment of diabetes when consumed regularly. Camel’s milk is gaining popularity in Dehli.

Nutrient Filled Camel’s Milk

The properties of camel’s milk have been found to have as many as six different kinds of fatty acids, all of which are vital to good health. It also contains healthy amounts of lanolin, which is very well known for improving skin tone and reducing wrinkles. People in the more rural parts of Rajasthan contend that camel’s milk is used for medicinal purposes and is organically enriched by the camel’s diet.

Improving Skin Tone

Health Benefits

People claim of remaining healthy and strong by consuming camel’s milk. It helps to sustain the immune system and it helps with issues of impotence. As a direct result of these claims, even though the commercial sale of camel’s milk was completely experiemental, thousands of litres are flying off store shelves every day. This can quickly become a multi-million dollar industry.

Sustain The Immune System

The Future of Camel’s Milk

Aging and diabetic consumers attest to the many benefits of camel milk. Young men are convinced of the sexual benefits of the milk. Certainly there are plans to increase production of camel milk and make it more readily available to the general public.

Future of Camel's Milk

Naturally, there should be some testing and research performed to fully understand how camel’s milk truly benefits us as humans. Surveys of current consumers would certainly be beneficial to scientists as they try to determine all of the potential benefits of camel’s milk.


  • May

    Hello. We are writing from the U.S. to inquire where we can obtain hygienically produced quality camel’s milk that is safe for children’s consumption. We have underweight children who are allergic to dairy and soy milk, and would like to find an alternative nutritional source. Your help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,

  • Sameena

    Hey… maybe you should go to some city where they have an Arab population. It’s very likely they would have camel milk imported from Saudu Arabia or UAE. That’s probably your best best.