Harmful Effects of Soft Drinks


Soft drinks are very popular among the people of all ages as these are tasty and available in many flavours. However, it is important to know the effects of frequent use of soda on human health. According to scientific research, all types of soda or soft drinks have harmful effect on the health of human beings.

There are many research studies done on the soda intake and its influence on health, and all these have revealed that soda intake affects the Calcium in the bones and blood, which increases the risk of getting fractures, even from minor accidents. Also, the soft drink creates dental health issues as well.

According to the results of scientific research, the excessive intake of soda is dangerous for health as it can lead to many serious health issues like dysfunction of the muscles, softening of bones, demineralization of bone and tooth related problems.

It can even cause a serious problem of Hypocalcaemia in which the Potassium level in blood drops to minimum level and badly affects the functioning of major body muscles. Another research study has shown that individuals who are in habit of consuming more than two litres of soda every day, can be sure of getting any of these dangerous health issues.

The most common harm caused by the soda intake is on the health of tooth and gems. Since there is high concentration of glucose, fructose and sucrose in the soft drinks, these can cause tooth decay by affecting the enamel and thus rendering the teeth fragile. All sodas are carbonated and they cause various tooth health issues and other oral infections.

There is high quantity of Phosphoric Acid present in the soda and it reduces the Calcium level in body, which makes the bones and muscles weak. The pH of soda is 1.5 and after consuming every twelve ounce can of soda, individual requires drinking thirty two glasses of water with a pH of 9, to balance the effect of soda. Since consuming 32 glasses of water is not a normal practice, the Phosphoric Acid present in soda keeps on accumulating, resulting in reduction of Calcium level in the bones.

Despite of all these serious health problems connected with soda consumption, people are still consuming it on regular basis. It may lead to a time when every single youngster will have a bone fracture.

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