Hair problems


There are many health problems that are commonly suffered. One of the problems among them is of itchy scalp or dandruff.  Dandruff is the growth of small white flakes usually present on the scalp and the hair. It is commonly found in people between the ages of 12 and 80.

The causes of dandruff can be numerous such as, poor blood circulation, improper diet, dirty or dusty hairs, rinsing with harsh shampoo, and improper rinsing of hair after shampooing.  There are some effective treatments for dandruff such as scalp treatment (ozone treatment), anti –dandruff shampoo, hot oil therapy, use of antiseptic lotion, henna treatment.

Graying of hair in early ages in men and women is another problem to worry.
The color of the hair varies with the level of pigment granules in the cortex of the hair. There is a gradual dilution in the pigment with the age leading to the graying of hairs.
Severe emotional stress, various health problems also leads to the untimely graying of hairs. Some hair treatments like hair-perming, coloring and bleaching can also cause graying of hairs.

The usual and the possible solution to hide graying are dyeing it. There are various types of dyes available. The oxidative dyes are the safe, effective and most commonly used.

Henna is the most widely used hair treatment due to its harmless as well as nurturing effect on hairs. Moreover, it is an excellent conditioner.

Split Ends are another commonly encountered problem. It is mainly due to undernourishment of hairs and sometimes use of hair dryers, chemical processing using the wrong type of brush and comb can add to the problem.

Hair Loss is a difficult problem to deal with. Certain hairstyles tightly pulled or tied hairs, weakness, deficiency, illness are some of the major reasons of hair fall.

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