Hair fall and remedies


Hair fall problem strikes everywhere even when you comb, wash or you can even trace loose hair on pillows during the time of sleeping, and it is an indication of a hair loss. The growth of hair takes place from the follicles of hair. The fresh growth of cells is the resultant effect on the hair-roots, which leads to the hair-growth. This hair-growth is sometimes hindered because of fluctuating condition of hormone in our body or deficient diet.  Many remedies are there which can minimize, stop and help in dealing with hair fall, depending on the reasons of hair fall.

For weaker hairs, an effectual homely medication can also be pursued. Prepare a paste by mixing, castor oil, shikakai powder, fenugreek seeds, amla, neem leaves and eggs. Now apply the paste on the scalp as well as on hairs and let the scalp absorb the nutrition from the paste. Then rinsing with the shampoo which is mild in nature really helps in preventing hair loss due to the strengthening of hairs.

The quality and texture of hair reflects our healthy or unhealthy state of body depending on its condition.  Hair requires vitamins, proteins and different kinds of minerals in ample quantity to grow and maintain a healthy look.

Thus, we must consume lots of fruits, green vegetables and dairy products for the prevention of hair fall.  Some of the diets for preventing hair fall and stronger growth are:
•    leafy and green vegetables
•    coconut
•    vegetable and fruit salads
•    cheese meat
•    fish
•    eggs
•    yoghurt
•    nuts,
•    dry fruits.

Drink water as much as you can. Soups and various fruit juices are also beneficial to a great extent. Alcohol is harmful and promotes hair loss as it adversely affects the absorption of various nutrients in the body that is required for better quality hairs.

Having tea or coffee in a day should be minimized. The remedy for almost all the health problem in the body is exercising. Different forms of exercises like yoga, aerobic, swimming and walking etc. are really helpful to stop hair loss.

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