Guys Dieing To Get Salman Khan Body


These days even the younger generation is not far when it comes to looking great. They are more mature than the older one. The most important thing you have to do is to gain weight if you are thin. Body building will not make any difference if you don’t have good body. You must put on some weight.

Having a balanced diet should be in your priority list. Looking great will not count much if you are not healthy from within. So make your health free from diseases. You can not achieve Salman khan body unless you make some resolution.

Don’t start by yourself. You may hook up with health problem if taken the wrong exercise. So go to some experts and consult them. They will either tell you to join a gym or may even tell you some other tips. Strictly prohibit self exercise if you don’t know.

Approach to an authentic and genuine gym master. These days there are flooded with so many gym canters and most of them don’t give right information about the health and food. It is very important to get the right one.

salman khan body

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It’s your body and if something goes wrong you may have to suffer throughout your life.

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Choose according to your convenience. This will make you feel comfortable. You can adapt more easily with the environment. Besides making great body, don’t neglect your other healthy routines. Don’t indulge into any drugs in order to make great body in a short pan.

There will be huge repercussion in the future. Some guys may not get the killer muscle early but you need to have patience. Especially thin body structure takes time to accumulate muscle. So this may not show your stunning body.

Last but not the least; don’t make a mistake to avoid good food. Remember this is the only source you can make a great body.


  • SalmanDontWannaBe

    “make great body in a short pan”


  • i want a chest shape like salman/// i want my body to shape like salman’s//please let me know all the required work outs and procedures//also give me a remedy for hair growth

  • anshuman

    what is the secret of Bhai Jaan[salman] body plz tell.

  • sunil bhatt

    I wanna tips of exercise and diet which taken by salman khan



  • Bhanu gupta

    i just want to know the criteria for growing my personality like shahid kapoor and pls give me some right suggetion about diet which i will be taking as per your instruction…………also give me the name of some better suppliments which will be helpful for growing my personality / body.

  • surender yadav

    i am a big fan of salman. i want to know the exercise of “ABS” he make’s in his movie “VEER”.

  • urvesh

    actully i have good groth in body and quite nice shaps also but kindly provide me some tips for deep cut of lowerchest, coller, six pacs and bayshaps like salman bhai !

  • suraj

    sir m 18 year oid boy my height is 5.4 which is not enough 4 me so plz how can i improve my height tell me grls dumpd me 4 my height m doing engg


    Dear sir,
    i”m 24 year old, my hight is 5’11” but my waight is only 57 pls tell me sir how to i gain my waight and make body like john ibrahim, one more thig i live out of my house so i can not follow any die and i”m pls tell me about any powder,or injection or any thig or diet,that give me a good shabes without any sideeffect. plssssssss do the need full.

  • mahesh

    pleasee i want to tips of gym abs and diet pleaseeeeeeeee

  • B2

    hi i m b2 i m a fanof your salman i love u very much n i m crazzy about u salman bhai

  • jamil shaikh

    salman bhai i love you meri tammanna hai ke4 mai ap se eak bar milu
    aur apke sath gym karu mai bhi apkitarha roz gym karta hu.

  • USman

    yar salman bhai i really like youract ur body ur style ……….the meaningfull power of body buildind……????????????? ======== SALMAN KHAN

  • Pawan Puthran

    Hi Boss,

    After reading this page, I got a few tips and ideas for building appropriate body. My age is 26 with average built. and recently I have joined Talwalkar. I sencerely agree with the points you have mentioned and concedering the same I would look forward for good physic. Thanks a lot.

    With Warm Regards,

    Pawan Puthran.

  • manoj goswami

    Gud mrng bhaijaan how are you .n i wanna know about the secrat of salman body

  • shashank kumar

    some one suggested me to use endura mass as a supplement
    i used two cans of endura mass in 15 days
    after that there was increase in muscles only in chest area
    my cheast was pumoed out
    there was no improvement in hand muscles and thigh area
    just suggest me some tips maintain my whole body as uniform

  • krishna agnihotri

    actually my body is slim trim but i need some fat inside my body to achieve the body like salman khan but i m vegetarian so please give some suggetion to me to achieve the body like salman khan

  • shankit

    sir i would to glad to know how can i grow my triceps on opposite hand as my power in my opposite hand is weak n my triceps in both hands r weak n can u provide me my daily balance diet so that i can follow that diet in my routine life

  • Himanshu Gupta

    I am 15 year old and very weak. Can I take Endura mass for Gaining some Weight? Is It compulsury To Do exersice with it?

  • yashdeep

    meri body salamn se lakh guna acchi aur sexy hai lekin bas salamn star hai isliye sab uske fan hai kal ko mai bhi star hu to sab mere bhi fan honge.lekin reality to yahi hai ki i love salman.

  • swaroop ranjan jena

    my lower triceps are not having good shape as my upper tricep .so tell me how to have a proportionate hand,salman bhai please batayie.bunty

  • nice body salman bhai khano me khan salman khan

  • nice body salman bhai khano me khan salman khan