Guide To Homemade Yogurt Mask

Guide To Homemade Yogurt Mask

Guide To Homemade Yogurt Mask Beauty and appearance is taking a toll on the lives of every person be it men or women. More and more people are getting conscious about their looks and trying hard to get a flawless, clear and glowing skin that can attract people. It is not always about looking fake or artificial with makeup, you should also work towards various steps that enhance natural beauty and persona.

Since adhering to salon beauty treatments is not always a good as well as a safe option, try and consider some natural and homemade steps that will help you achieve you goals successfully, safely and affordably. With increase in unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits, skin is getting affected on adverse grounds and thud lead to dullness, dryness and breakouts.

For those who love to see their skin soft, supple and clear should get some really effective beauty tips in hand. One of them is to use homemade natural masks on the face. Application of masks from time to time will not only clean the skin and the deep pores from dirt and oil but also rejuvenate and renew the skin cells to a great extent leaving behind the freshness you always desired.

One of the many natural products that have innumerable benefits for the skin is yogurt. You can prepare a mask of the same by combining it with different other natural products depending upon the needs of your skin. Here is a simple beauty guide with the top most yogurt beauty masks that you can make at home and use it on a regular basis-

Best Yogurt Mask Recipes At Home

Yogurt And Honey Mask

Take some organic yogurt and mix it well with some good quality honey. To this you should add about a few drops of lemon juice. Now clean your face well with a cleanser and ensure that you remove all the accumulated dirt and oil on the face. A light layer of this mask should be evenly spread across the face using your fingertips. This should be left on the skin for the next 20 minutes before washing it off with water.


Yogurt And Honey Mask


The yogurt has packed benefits for the skin and will help it to smoothen out along with cleaning away all kinds of breakouts and acne. Along with this, the pack will help in making the skin look younger if applied on a regular basis.

Lemon juice on the other hand has bleaching properties and will lighten the skin tone. It will also lead to glow on the skin. However, make sure the yogurt is made of full fat milk and not skimmed milk which has no advantage for the skin whatsoever. The fat in the yogurt is what makes the skin healthy.

Yogurt And Oatmeal Mask

Another very effectual yogurt mask for all the beautiful women out there is the one prepared by mixing in oatmeal with it. Take equal quantities of both the ingredients. However, make sure that the oatmeal has been finely grounded before using it for the mask.

To this you need to add about a teaspoon of honey and then blend it well. Make sure that the honey you use is a little warm. Now after cleaning the face, apply this mask all over and leave it to rest for the next 15 minutes. Rinse off with water to get a cleansed and rejuvenated looking skin. Regular use will give you more visible outcomes in this regard.

Simple Yogurt Mask

For those who do not believe in preparing and putting too much effort can opt for a simple yogurt mask for their skin. All you need for this is a tablespoon of plain, full fat yogurt.


Simple Yogurt Mask


It should be applied to clean face and neck and left for about 20 odd minutes before rinsing off. Yogurt has natural properties of bleaching and exfoliating the skin which can be beneficial to the skin. Do not take much stress when you are in the process of application. Just relax and enjoy the benefits of the mask on the skin.

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Delicious Yogurt And Strawberry Mask

Strawberry yogurt is one of the favorites for most people when it comes to enhancing the taste buds, but the combination is utterly successful even when it comes to the matter of the skin. This is one of the most enticing facial masks made out of yogurt. However, make sure that you use only seasonal strawberries for maximum benefits.

You will need a handful of strawberries, about 2 tablespoon full fat yogurt and a tablespoon of finely grounded almonds to prepare the mask. The strawberries should be blended and mashed well with the almond first. Now, to this you add the yogurt and mix well into a smooth paste.

This should be left for 15 minutes on the skin and the neck and then washed off. It is considered as one of the best masks for treating skin discolorations, fading the skin spots and refining the skin. Yogurt will also nourish the skin deeply and make it hydrated and soft.

Yogurt And Turmeric Mask

This is a recipe of yogurt mask that bests suits people who have regular issues of acne on the skin. Take about half a cup of full fat yogurt and mix a tablespoon of turmeric powder in it.


Yogurt And Turmeric Mask


This should be kept on clean skin for about half an hour before washing it off. Along with clearing the skin from acne and other forms of breakouts, it also leaves behind a nice and natural golden glow on a temporary basis.

Yogurt And Cucumber Mask

For those with sensitive skin, yogurt and cucumber mask is supposed to be the best idea to adhere to. Take about 2 tablespoon of yogurt and half a cucumber and blend well in a mixer. This paste should be applied on the skin evenly and left for 20 minutes. Now clean the face with a wet soft cloth. Pat dry the skin, and apply a good moisturizer that suits your skin type.

Try these and see the wonderful effects it has on the skin for you without any side effects.

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