Guide To Healthy Diet


Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. If you want to be healthy, going to bed alone will not help you. To stay fit and fine you need to have a healthy diet. You need to include all the important components such as vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrate etc to have the right balance. 

The first and perhaps the most important nutrition ingredients are vitamins. There are verities of vitamins available, among them the most important ones are vitamin A, C and D. Vitamin A helps to strengthen the immune system, thus there is less risk of getting ill. You will get vitamin A from carrots, cabbages and leafy and green vegetables. Vitamin C and D on the other hand helps in bone development. Vitamin C is available in all sort of citrus fruits such as oranges. Dairy products such as milk and butter are a good source of vitamin D.

Carbohydrate or starch is another important ingredient that is necessary for a good health. You will get starch from food such as potatoes, rise, breads etc. Other than that, whole grains are also a good source of carbohydrate. This will provide all the energy through out the day.

After carbohydrate comes protein. Milk and other dairy products such as cheese, yogurts contain protein. Apart from protein, they also contain a good amount of calcium as well.

Now that you know what food item contains what essential ingredient, you also need to know what to eat and in what amount. First of all have a good amount of fruits and vegetables everyday. Instead of having one or two vegetable at a time, have salad that contains several vegetables. It is better to have at least 5 to 12 servings of salads, vegetables or fruits per day.

Have at least 5 servings of food that contain grains such as bread or cereals. Since dairy products contain saturated fat so it is better not to have more than 2 servings per day. You can have meat and fish, but no more than 2 servings a day.

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