Grilled Fish in Microwave: Savor the Taste of Health and Happiness

Grilled Fish in Microwave

Grilled Fish in Microwave

Healthy eating is a way of life that most of us miss nowadays. Hectic work schedules, late night parties, business trips and a fast lifestyle, most of the time prevents us from finding some time and enjoying a nice and healthy treat. Cooking for most of us is a real time consuming activity and most of us prefer to order from fast food centers but we forget that the nutritional value of such food items is almost zero.

Homemade food will always be a preferred choice as it is not only hygienic and tasty, but it’s full of health and nutrition. Cooking a grilled fish is a very common dish but grilling the fish in a microwave is what makes all the difference. The best types of fishes to use for grilled fish are salmon, swordfish, tuna, grouper and shark.

Make sure to oil your grill before you put on the power of the microwave. While grilling your fish in the microwave, ensure to maintain some rules. Firstly, keep on turning and rotating the fillets in between cooking. This should be done to make sure that the fish fillets are cooked evenly.

In case, the fish fillets have uneven thickness, then you can simply fold and place the comparatively thin portions of the fillets under the other one to make it look proportionate.

The Ingredients:

500 gm – Whole fish
3 tbsp – Onion paste
Chilli paste
2 tbsp – Ginger/ Garlic paste
1 tbsp – Lemon juice
1 tbsp – Vinegar
1 pinch – Edible red color
1 tbsp – Oil
Salt and pepper


Firstly, you need to clean the fish and on both sides of the fish make deep cuts. Following this, you need to blend the ingredients on the entire body of the fish, but remember not to use oil during marinating. Make sure to keep these marinated fillets in a freezer for apparently one hour. After an hour in the freezer, keep the fish fillets in the microwave using a shallow dish.

Cut Fish

Put on the power at almost 60% and continue cooking for at least 6 minutes. Before grilling the fish fillets apply oil evenly, put them on grill for maximum 10 – 15 minutes, and make sure to keep on rotating and turning the fish until the fish attains the golden brown color.

Keep On Rotating And Turning The Fish

Enjoy your favorite grilled fish in a healthy and tasty avatar, thanks to your microwave.