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eggplantrecipes Below you will find 4 recipe suggestions that are popular in Hollywood!

(Ricotta Bran Pancakes)

This dish can be served twice a day. It is made of
-one pinch of salt
-half a cup nonfat cream
-half a cup egg whites
-half a cup bran flakes
-one tablespoon sugar substitute
-cooking oil
-1 ¾ cups of ricotta cheese
-two teaspoons of cinnamon


The whites need to be whisked together with sour cream, salt, sugar and the bran flakes. You can spray cooking oil in the pan. Allow it to heat. Put the layer of batter in the pan and cook it until it gets set.

Afterwards, turn over the pancake to the other side until its color becomes golden. You should cover the pancake with cinnamon prior to serving.


The dish can be eaten for breakfast with ham, sausages or even bacon.

(Chocolate-Mint shakes)

This dish can be served twice a day. You will need
- 2 ¼ cups of mil
- one sprig of mint
- 3 ½ cups of cut strawberries
- crushed ice
- one tablespoon cocoa powder
- one and a half teaspoons of sugar substitute
- three quarters protein powder


Put the cocoa powder, the milk, the protein powder, strawberries, the sugar substitute and the mint inside a blender and let it grind till you get a fine substance. Put ice inside glasses and enjoy this liquid treat!

(Scallops seared with broccoli, cauliflower and orange sauce)

The dish can be served twice a day. Put in:
-one pound of cauliflower florets
-ten scallops
-one pound broccoli florets
-cooking oil
-one cup of orange juice
-one teaspoon curry powder
-black pepper


The pan should be coated with cooking oil. Allow it to heat and then start spreading the scallops. Add salt, pepper as well as curry powder. Cook the scallops till they become brown and then add orange juice, broccoli and cauliflower. The dish can be served with orange sauce.


People who diet often fear that by eating cooked meals they will gain weight, instead of losing it. However, if you prepare scallop dishes, the meals will not add up to your weight and you can serve them with a variety of sauces.

( Italian Eggplant)

This dish can be served twice a day. Put in:
-three sliced tomatoes
-one pound eggplant
-salt and pepper
-tomato sauce
-two tablespoons dried basil
-two tablespoons Italian seasoning
-one cup ricotta cheese


The oven should be heated at 400F. Put the seasoning on the eggplant, add salt and pepper. Then roast the preparation for fifteen minutes. Add the tomato sauce and sprinkle basil and seasoning on top.

Also, add salt and pepper according to your taste. You can decorate the meal with mozzarella and ricotta. Also, add the other layers and start baking for twenty minutes. The cheese should be golden colored. The dish is now ready to be served.


The Italian eggplant dish is really to prepare. It represents an alternative to pasta. For the sake of variety, use caciocavallo dolce or provolone cheese.