Grapes For Tooth Decay


Do you suffer from tooth ache and decay?  Your tooth could be decaying day by decay and you would not be realizing it. According to the recent research they have found the solution in grapes. There is a particular element present in grapes which helps in fighting and curing tooth decay. The compound is called polyphenols and it is effective for the treatment of on set of tooth decay.

Your tooth is attacked by bacteria called streptococcus mutans which is the root cause of the main cause of the cavity formation. Because of these bacteria there is stain that is formed around the teeth and reducing its minerals to fight against the germs and bacteria that attack tooth by making it weak.

As per the scientists they have drawn the conclusion that due to the presence of polyphenol in grapes is the main force to drive out the bacteria. The availability of the fruits is rich and you can take it in the form of red wine which is made of grapes and you can very well eat as fruits. The choice is yours. The presence of the polyphenol disrupts the bacteria from spreading any further. This prohibits the tooth decay and strengthens your tooth longevity.

The scientists also have confirmed that all wine made of grapes are rich in polyphenol and it takes away the bacteria ability to cause disease without removing the essential bacteria in body of foods. This could be one very good reason to eat grapes. All polyphenollic extracts are effectively used to diminish the acidic biofilm production in tooth. This may reduce the micrograms as low as sixty three per milliliter. Some of the skin and cover are used to make medicinal uses.

Hence, if you are suffering from the pain and awful disease increase the intake of fruits and grapes wine. Have a beautiful smile.

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