Grapefruit And Weight Loss


Claims are that grapefruit can work to block those enzymes that are responsible for carbohydrate and fat storage. It also increases the body’s fat burning potential and causes weight loss.

The diet

This diet lasts no more than 12 days. In order to continue with the diet, you should first take a break of at least a day or two before going forth.

It allows a daily caloric intake of only 800 calories. The diet involves eating plenty of grapefruit, so that your metabolism gets a kick-start, and a bit of daily protein, which may include boiled eggs mostly and some dry toast.

Advantages of eating grapefruit

Grapefruit has shown to cause weight loss in a study conducted by Dr. Ken Fujjoka. The results show that eating grapefruit along with meals made the patients lose about 3.6 pounds, on an average.

Besides the weight loss abilities, grapefruit also offers the advantage of preventing symptoms of colds, certain types of cancer and even heart disease.

Grapefruit is high in water content. This makes it good to eat because eating any food with a high content of water will boost your water ingestion. Taking more water means increasing your metabolism.

Grapefruit has less number of calories, is low in fat and sodium, and is filled with vitamin C, whereas the pink grapefruit has beta-carotene. It will form a great part of any healthy diet because it is a nutritious fruit.

Reaction of Grapefruit to medication

Grapefruit causes no reaction to medication as such. However, if you eat it in very huge amounts, it can cause some serious side effects by interacting with some medications.

As said earlier, it blocks certain enzymes. These enzymes are sometimes needed to breakdown the medications naturally so that they body can absorb them. Because the enzymes are blocked, the level of the medications increases in the blood, which can result in potentially poisonous side effects. Therefore, before going on the grapefruit to lose pounds, you should first talk to your doctor about it.

Usually, in order to maintain a healthy weight loss, it is never recommendable to take less than 1100 calories per day. The best way to lose weight is eating the right kind of foods in a balanced manner instead of eating some foods in excess, while eliminating some foods altogether.

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