Go Natural For Skin Whitening

Go Natural For Skin Whitening

Go Natural For Skin Whitening

Skin whitening products are flooding in supermarket stores. You will find all of these products claiming of no side effects to attract more customers. Don’t get swayed away by such promises. Yes, before you pick one for yourself, try to know its side effects on your health.

Most of the skin whitening products contains an ingredient called hydroquinone. Many researchers have found out the direct link between this hydroquinone and cancer. On the other hand, many claim it other way round.

To get concrete evidence of the negative consequence of such products on our health, research is going on. Leaving this controversy here, why we should not think about some natural way for skin whitening?
Yes, you do not have to go for skin whitening by going through surgery or by using various chemical solutions. Utilize the following tips and see the colour difference to your skin.

Natural Way for Skin Whitening

Before the artificial bleaching products had come to the market, people used to rely upon the natural resources for the purpose. Yes, the fruits and vegetables, which we eat daily, could act as great whitening agents.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Did you know that rice powder, orange peel, potato, tomato and lemon are natural bleach? Yes, use them regularly for few weeks and you will get to see the difference.

For real effective result, you have to put a bit more extra effort by making a mixture of orange peel paste and curd. Apply the mixture on the required body parts and let it be there for 10-15vminutes. Continue applying for several weeks and then see the result.

Orange Peel Paste

Turmeric can also help you lightening the colour of your skin. Likewise, tomatoes have also great bleaching quality. Mix few drops of lemon juice with the grated tomato and then apply to get quick result.


  • So is there a distinct possibility you might get cancer from using these products?

  • Natural products are the way to go. Use oranges and cucumbers.