Go For Safe Tattooing


Tattooing is very much in today’s fashion. However, we can trace back the tattooing to ancient age. During those periods, there are historical evidences that people knew about tattooing. The main objective of tattooing used to be the beautification of body. The revival of this trend has again taken place, but raising some issues and concerns. Yes, the more and more people are going for this tattooing fashion, the issues and concern regarding its safety is also increasing.

Tattooing is usually done with the help of a tattoo gun. The function of this equipment is to dispense the biocompatible inks into the body to create the tattoo. A special kind of ink containing iron oxide or titanium dioxide is used for this purpose. The same procedure can be done manually with the help of a needle.

Now you must have realized where the danger lies. Yes, the procedure involves dispensing ink into the skin and use of needle and that is the reason why, the proper sanitation measures are needed for it.

Tattooing is fun as long as it assures you safety. So, the first thing in tattooing is to consult a registered expert before you really do it on your skin. You have to tell the professional about all your health status. If you have any kind of heart related problems then reveal it to the expert. It will help him to take all precautionary measures, as tattooing involves a lot of pain.

The next thing to observe is to maintaining proper sanitation during tattooing.  Yes, sanitation means you should be alert to see whether a disposable needle is being used for piercing or not. A little bit of negligence can also lead you to disaster. Don’t take chance.

Finally, once you get your tattoos done, swelling or slight bruising on that area will remain for days. However, the swelling should not last for more than three days. Or else, consult with the professional immediately.

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    i am a budding tattoist, i have tattooed a lot of people, but somehow the ink fades in o time, i use baby oil during tattoing and a cream called silverex. pl help me coz some of my clients are pretty furious , for obvious reasons apparently