Ginseng Boosts Performance


ginsengs Ginseng has become one of, if not the most popular term used in relation to an herb that increases stamina, endurance or energy. It has now been documented to increase the ability to conform to psychological as well as physical stress. The Chinese gave ginseng the name “chi tonic” because of its warming capabilities.

The Chinese has said that it is used to tonify any deficiency in relation to their subsidiary section of deficiencies in regard to energy, starting with the Yang deficiencies.

The Yang and Yin

It is reported that yang deficiencies are responsible for causing “cold” diseases, in relation to one’s sexual libido. In other words, it causes one to lose one’s sex drive and motivation for sex.

Yin deficiencies, on the other hand, are responsible for inflammatory symptoms or what some would call the slaying of diseases linked by the failure of body “essence.”

Blood Deficiency

A deficiency in blood would immediately cause tiredness, weakness, and a decrease in vitality. It relates to blood nourishment to induce energy and effects the proper flowing of blood in contrast to the amount of blood present.

The Different Forms of Ginseng

When you hear the term ginseng, the first thing that normally comes to mind would be energy. But are we aware that there are actually different species of the ginseng herb; yet, only three of them are commonly used by herbalist.

Most of the time we would come across the “American ginseng” which is said to promote Yin energy as well as clean the body of excess Yang. And then there’s panax or “Chinese Ginseng” which is reported to promote Yang energy as well as improve the circulation of blood while increasing blood supply, revitalizing and assisting in the recovery from illness related weakness.

Performance Enhancement

Last but not least, ginseng has been widely known to apparently improve performances in the athletic field, the intellectual field and of course, the sexual field.

However, the Chinese relates it more to an aphrodisiac. What the case may be, ginseng has grown to take on the meaning of many of things. YOU MAKE THE CALL!

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