Ginger: Its Multiple Flavoure


It has strong tinge when you chew a small piece. It is intense and pungent taste. Ginger do not make place very much as any other spices do. However, in India we have various ways of using. It is found in every house hold with garlic. Ginger is used for fresh, dried and powder. Garlic is best friend when it comes to making paste. They have strong smell and are sure to make your food very delicious. Non vegetarian comes alive if cook with ginger. Garlic and ginger combine paste just make you go round. You can find readymade paste as well and try them.

Its not only Indian’s favourite spice but even in china it has got permanent place. Their noodles can be not completed without ginger. However, the center figures it occupies in ginger tea. Just try having ginger tea rather than your usual milk tea. Bet you, you will fall in love with it. For your health also it plays a vital role.

It is said any one who was brought up in Enid Blyton’s novels is not unknown to ginger.

When you wake up in the fresh morning and some one offers you black ginger tea, you are sure to land up in the basket of flower. It really makes you feel fresh. This stubborn skin spice is good for curing sore throat. Put ginger in hot water and boil it and drink it to clear your throat. It has tremendous medicinal effects. Ginger juice is excellent for tummy disturbances.

If you have nausea you must drink ginger tea or as spice. It reduces the problem. You can keep it without storing in refrigerator. Dried ones are as effective as the fresh ones. If you are using them as spice paste, worn you one thing, don’t put too much sometimes it just spoils the taste of food.

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