Get Rid Of Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps

Cramps are natural part of menstrual cycle. This is the result of hormonal fluctuations that cause the uterus to contract. Normal menstrual cramps are known as primary dysmenorrheal. This is increase in intensity with the increase of prostaglandins, the fluctuating hormones. The excessively painful periods and cramps are known as secondary dysmenorrheal, and can be the symptom of a more serious problem.

Menstrual pain is a truth for women. Cramps are part of this cycle. Though there are some remedies to get rid of the normal menstrual cramp pain, in case of a secondary situation, you should consult a doctor, as the problem can be other serious ailments. To know how to get rid of menstrual cramps, read the following tips:

Deal With Menstrual Cramps:

The place where you are felling heat, you can directly apply the heat on the effected area. The process is used usually in back and lower abdomen area. For heating you can use a wet warm towel, heating pads, a hot bath or warm a cloth and put it on the affected area. It will provide you relief.

Warm Towel

A yoga or cardiovascular exercise is helpful in blood pumping and stretching of muscles. Exercises that you can perform are lifting muscle or running or a steam bath. These will help you to get rid of menstrual cramps.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Take a pain killer containing asprin. It will provide you relief for some time and it will help you when you are at work and can’t help you then.


Drink water and herbal tea as it will help you get rid of cramps. Staying hydrated elevates the overall feeling of wellbeing. Moreover, the herbal ingredients in a cup of hot chamomile, mint, or gingerroot tea as well as the warmth of the liquid, help in easing menstrual pain. Create a triangle shaped posture while standing with legs and past shoulder width.

Drink Water

Now, bend sideways to reach your left/right hand down to your left/right ankle and holding right/left arm up in the air. After doing this, sit on the floor and create diamond with your legs by pressing the soles of your feet together then bending forward while exhaling. Curl up in the fetus position, with your face and legs down on the floor and your arms at your sides.

Last but important thing is, try to take as much rest you can as it will help you to be relieved.


  • Courtney

    This doesn’t work, i feel like i want to curl up and die for a week then come back.
    Gahh, this is one part i hate about being a girl. it would be fab if we didn’t have these.

  • lindsey rogers

    im thirteen and i am on my first cycle. my cramps were so bad this morning i had to stay home from school. I took two pain killers, then layed in bed with a heating pad on my lower abdomen for two hours. Then i felt better so i went out to lunch. I then came home and felt fine. Then about two hours later i started getting even worse cramps. ! now im sitting here typing this almost in tears. I HATE THIS! ughh, are their any pressure pointss, around there that can help?

  • Christi

    That does not work too well when YOU HAVE TO GO TO WORK !!! Ahhh I hate being a girl sometimes!! lindsey yea the first cramps suck but they only get worse. It was your first period you never had cramps before so it probably felt like you were dying but honestly later on after you get more periods you will wish you had those cramps back πŸ™ it sucks

  • sammy

    cramps hurt. but it helps when you have a sweet boyfriend to take care of you.

  • Alice

    Wow Lindsey. That must terrible. I didnt have any cramps at all when I first started my period. I started getting them a couple of years later. I try taking pain killers but they dont really work for me. One time i took midol and i think the cramps got worse. I really hate it when i get cramps at a time that i really need to be focusing. Like right now. There is a new cramp pain killer made by excedrin. I think i might try that.

  • Naomi 19

    i get really bad cramps, to the extent of vomiting! ugh. what i usually do to keep from vomiting, for the most part, is as soon as i get my period, i take 2 ibuprofen. this is the drug in midol that really gets rid of the cramps. if you dont care about bloating save yourself about $6 and just go get ibuprofen or advil. you can only take 6 to 8 pills in a 24 hour period, but with bed rest its amazing, the results you get. and like they said above, drink lots of water, but try drinking raspberry herbal tea, its a natural stomach muscle relaxer, and really helps.

  • Tamara- Marie

    I’m seventeen and I first got my period when I was twelve… I used to get them so bad that my parents would take my to the doctor. Midol worked at first but my body got used to it… I have found recentely that liquid gel ibprofin has worked. I
    not the kind of person to use medication for it unless I really need to but some things I do is strech my body out across my bed. Or get a normal plastic bottle and fill it with warm water and place it where it hurts the most….

  • Lisa

    I use works better then those other methods and waaaaay better then midol.. I think midol’s a phony. Plus excedrin relieves the pain for hours

  • sarah

    i think lisa’s right i’ve been trying midol, i sucks! i hate being a teen girl in choir and doing gym and other excersize stuff cause my cramps get so bad!

  • Emma

    I’m sorry about that Lindsey): cramps foresure suck, but no they don’t always get worse then they are now…i find that excedrine and tylenol work best for me, and then once the meds kick in getting active helps keep them from coming back so strong. and yes drinking water helps alot’

  • I use Menstrual Magic Advanced which is made by Natural Miracles Inc. I like it because it works really fast and it is all natural.

  • Lily Nolle

    i got my first period when i was 12 and it has been one long year. but when i get cramps i pop some bread in the toaster and then enjoy plain toast with some tea or water.and that usually does the try it it helpss.

  • alex

    i have super bad crams that interfears with my life. n this stuff doesnt seem to help. i just feel like dieing every time it comes around.

  • 13

    yea. cramps really suck. i’ve tried to sleep….. just ended up throwing up….. water doesn’t help. the exercising isn’t either…… please help T-T pain med. just makes it worse

  • cindy portillo

    ughhh i hate this im only 12 and im havin super bad cramps why did i have to be a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Victorya

    Cramps are terrible. I got my first period when I was 10 years old, but back then I didn’t have cramps. When I hit about 11 or 12, that’s when the cramps really started hitting me. I am now 15, and they have only gotten worse; they usally feel like a knife in my stomach just scracthing inside me. When I usally get my period I have to stay out of school the first day, because that’s the worst day. I lay in my bed, curled up in a ball, with a heating pad. I take midol, but I take it when soda because I hate medicine altogether. But, you’re really not suppose to drink soda. It only makes the, worse. If you drink the green tea, that really does help! If your cramps get really bad, you should go see a doctor. Some doctors can put you on birth ccontrol. & I know, your like I’m a teenager I’m not ready for sex; well, I’m not either. But, it can calm your cramps, and you only get your period 4 times a year. It’s just a thought.
    So, I hope this lets y’all know that you’re not alone with the whole ‘bad cramps’
    but, girls don’t hate being a girl just because we have periods. At least it gives us an excuse to be mean ha.
    I hope this was somewhat helpful. (:

  • SB


    thank you

  • Jade

    Yeah. Im 15 and i didnt qet cramps until the 4th or 5th month. it wasnt that bad then. now im on the computer trying to find cures at 6:30 in the morning because theyy hurt so bad. And im like Victorya and hate medicine all together. but i took ibphrofen. and no luck !

  • Maddysn

    uuuuhhhhh! im gunna die im thirteen i got my first period no problem no cramps but his is just toooooo much i wanna die ive got a hat mater bottle on my stomach and i need more meds but i dont wanna over dose plzzz help

  • Kathryn

    ahhhh i hate cramps im having one right now, they get so bad to the point that im crying on the floor and thorwing up. :'( Like now. Im only 14 and at first they weren’t so bad i didnt get the cramps bad but then a year pasted and i got them sooo bad and another year pasted to this year and i now get stupid migrain with them and always have to throw up, i need help. I’ve tryed the heat against the part that hurts it only only makes the pain go away for a little bit then i start to feel it again. I try the midol pill and they don’t work at all, and i’ve tryed drinking tea, which does help to a point. What else can i do

  • Lee

    This really is what I hate about being female Dx
    I’m nearly 16 now, though I started my cycle at 10 years old and every month it gets more painful.
    I have been offered birth control pills by my Doctor but the side-effects are rather worrying and it’s not a good idea to become reliant on them. I’ve found that Ibuprofen helps greatly, especially Nurofen-express. It numbs the pain and helps you get on with your day.
    >I hope this, at leat somewhat, helped you πŸ˜€

  • Lee

    Have just been told that in the US you call Ibuprofen, Advil.
    This helps as it is an anti-inflammatory πŸ™‚

    Another great tip is to take in as much Calcium as you can as this maintains the normal muscle tone and therefore prevents cramps.

    >Good luck with the pain prevention guys πŸ˜€