Get Rid OF Dry Hair

Most of us have dealt with dry hair or a dry scalp or both. Dry skin is a result of decreased sebum production, the skin’s indigenous oil, which is important in keeping the skin moist and lubricated. Consequently, dry skin has less of an oily barrier, allowing water to evaporate easily through the skin.
If you have problems like frequent use of detergents, heating or air conditioning, pollution, inadequate skin care, certain chemical ingredients in cosmetic products, overexposure to sun and wind and overuse of soaps and alcohol-based products, you may have greater chances of having dry hair and thus, hair fall.
Helping to ‘restore’ dry skin involves protecting the skin with creamy, oil-based products and avoiding harsh soaps, chemically rich scrubs or products which contain alcohol. Many physicians recommend its line of gentle, all natural products, for example: oatmeal soap, floral toner once or twice per week, and rich formulation moisturizer in avocado, calendula or jojoba and facial oil in geranium or avocado at night.

Symptoms of having dry scalp and dry skin are:
• Dry and flaky patches that can be easily chapped.
• Feeling tight across the forehead, cheeks and chin area.
• Skin is itchy and easily irritated.
• Skin becomes sensitive.
• It bruises easily.
• Skin can appear powdery or scaly.
• It is prone to develop fine lines and wrinkles.

Deal with dry scalp and dry hair

If you wash your hair everyday, try to wash it every other day or every two days. While washing don’t roughly rub your scalp, just rub the gentle circles with tips of your fingers. You can even choose a brush with natural fibers or fingers to comb through your hair. Brushing too hard can damage the scalp as well as it damage the hair too.

Add avocado, jojoba and olive oil to your scalp. This can be a great conditioning regime to do prior to shampooing the hair.
Take a good amount of vitamin every day and drink plenty of water as well. Your hair is a mirror of your overall health.

Give your hair 4 months to heal and eat a very good diet in the interim and you’ll see a vast improvement in the skin of your hair

You have to reduce the use of chemical products and try moisturizing products with a conditioner.

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