Get Great Abs Exercising at Home


Spare 8 Minutes for a Workout

Most fitness programs’ primary objective is to provide a flat stomach and well-defined muscles.  Classes are being conducted by various fitness centers and gyms for this; however, it is always possible to attain flat abs by doing workouts inside the comfort of your home. It is not necessary for you to spend time for complete fitness workout. It is sufficient if you spare eight minutes everyday on abdominal exercises to get the desired results.

Workout for Eight Minutes

1.    Basic Crunches – you must begin with twenty five to fifty crunches that are basic in nature. As you improve, you can add more crunches. Lie with your back on the floor, bend knees, and pull your shoulders and knees together with the abdominal muscles towards your midriff.

2.    Russian Twists – perform Russian twists using the basic crunch movement; in this, you touch the opposite knees with your elbows when pulling yourself up. Since these are difficult as compared to the crunches, you must begin with 20 reps and increase it as you get used to it.

3.    Leg Lifts – lie with your back on the floor, lift your legs towards the ceiling until your heels become parallel with your ceiling. This will ensure that your abs as well as the rear part of the upper thighs get a good workout. Start with twenty five reps and increase later.

4.    Straight Leg Crunches – this is similar to basic crunches except that you keep your legs in a straight line instead of keeping your knees bent. Repeat this 25 to 50 times. This requires more effort but the results will be excellent.

The above is the complete abdominal exercises to be done. These are relatively tough exercises that make your muscles very sore in the initial exercising period. If you start slowly and increase gradually, there may not be much pain. Just like any other exercise, this requires stretching to reduce your muscle strain.

Do not overdo this because you will find that your system might find it difficult to continue. It is very essential that the abdominal workout is done consistently. If you are not sure of your physical condition, start with three to four times a week and then add slowly adding more days while building your strength and stamina.