Get Big Strong Shoulders

Get Big Strong Shoulders

Get Big Strong Shoulders

A person’s shoulders tell a lot about their physique.  A person with small, slumped shoulders does not give off a strong, confident appearance.  On the other hand, a person with strong, Squared shoulders that balances out their physique is thought to be a confident and strong person. Well developed shoulders balance out the body by giving it a “V” shape.

Exercises such as the overhead press and raise are some of the most common and effective exercises to get strong, broad shoulders. Shoulder enhancing exercises can be performed with a barbell or dumbbell. Dumbbells are preferred as they enable the shoulder to move in a natural motion. Below are some of the best shoulder building exercises. Perform these exercises in the order that they are written for maximum results.

Overhead Press

The first exercise in your routine is the seated overhead dumbbell press. Sit on a weight bench with your feet on the ground. Hold a dumbbell in each hand aligned with your ears. Pump the dumbbells straight up while exhaling.  Then slowly lower them level with your ears. Repeat this for two sets of ten repetitions.

The next exercise is side lat raises. Stand with your back straight, knees bent and feet shoulder width apart. Bring your palms to the center of your body at hip height. With your elbows bent, raise both arms out to the sides of your body until they reach shoulder height. Your arms will form an arch. Lower your arms back to the center of your body and repeat with two sets consisting of ten repetitions in each set.

Side Lat Raises

Next, stand up straight with your knees bent and again, feet shoulder width wide. With bent arms, raise the dumbbell in one arm up perpendicular with your body. Your arm should be a little higher than your shoulder. Lower the arm and repeat with the opposite arm. Repeat twelve times.

The last exercise in your shoulder building routine is the rear lat raise. This is similar to the side lat raises although you are in a seated position. Again, sit on a bench with your feet out in front of you. Lower your torso to your thighs. With a dumbbell in each hand have them meet underneath your legs. At the same time, raise each arm to shoulder height. Lower your arms to their resting position and repeat this exercise in two sets of twelve.

Rear Lat Raise


  • j bain

    i have been underweight for a while now and started a weight lifting regime to bulk up. however after a few months i have noticed that my lower body is bigger than my upper body and my shoulders seem to have become quite boney with the collar bone compoletley visible. im not sure how to fix this. do i need to gain fat to proportion evenly?