Gentian – An Herb for Digestion


Gentian Knowingly or unknowingly, thousands and thousands of people deal with problems like heartburn, GERD, acid reflux and many more. All of these are health related problems.

Usually most people go to doctors and get medications that are available in any drug store. Apart from the medications is an herb, which helps cure the patients who suffer from these kinds of problems.

You would be surprised to known what Mother Nature has in store for you. Gentian is an herb that is beneficial for those who are suffering from problems such as heartburn and GERD.

It actually increases the natural functions of the body. This is an excellent medicine for those who have problems with digestion.

When we eat food, the human body secretes certain digestive juices. These juices help to digest the food that we consume. Gentian increases the amount of this digestive juice in the body.

Now you might wonder that by taking this herb, you may have an upset stomach. That will not happen, unless you have an overdose of this herb.

This herb is very bitter. What happens when you eat something very bitter? You want to spit it all out. Nevertheless, if you do manage to eat something that is not good for your health, then the body tries to destroy that as soon as possible.

In order to do so, the body needs to produce more of the digestive juices. Luckily, the herb is not harmful, and it helps to digest the food that you eat.

What is the best way to consume this herb? In case of herbal medicine usually people have it in the form of tea or simply put a few drops in the mouth and then swallow it with water.

In this case, it is better if you actually get to taste the medicine. Therefore, the best way to have this is to mix with a bit of water and have it slowly. Drink the mixture 10 minutes prior to your meal. If that is too much for you, then you can always have it in a capsule form.

Studies show that this is one of the best medicines for GERD. This herb is capable of soothing any kind of inflammation. If you are wondering about the part of the herb that we use to prepare the medicine, it is the root.

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