Fruit Diet

Fruits play a significant role in nutrition of body as they are good source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Fruits are one of the oldest forms of food known to mankind. There are many references to fruit in ancient time. Even most ancient Hindu scripture Vedas say that fruit form base of food of god. Fruits are essential part of healthy diet as these are full of antioxidants and low in calorie and fat content.

A fruit diet contains all seasonal fruits in well arranged manner as it makes enough supplements of nutrients. The contribution as a group is estimated at 91% of vitamin C, 48% of vitamin A, 27% of vitamin B, 17% of thiamine and 15 % of niacin in diet. Here are some of the benefits of having fruit diet.

Benefits of fruit diet
Fruit juice is beneficial to body as it supplies instant energy in addition to all benefits that are in raw fruits.

Taking a fruit or fruit juices is the most pleasant way of hydrating the organism. The water absorbed by sick person in this manner has an added advantage of supplying sugar as well as minerals.

The low level of sodium in fruit diet proved good for those who would like to avail of a salt free diet. This type is even good for pregnant women and can take 2-3 servings of fresh fruits in a day. Fruits are good for person having heart disease or high blood pressure as it is contained low sodium content but high amount of potassium.

Dried fruits like dates, raisins and different nuts are beneficial to health. This fruit diet supplied instant energy and also contains essential vitamins and minerals.

Prefer to eat whole fruit with its skin, if possible. The skin of fruit also contains many nutrients and also a good source of fiber.

Avoid cooking fruits, as this may result to lose of nutrients from it. Cooking can also loose the nutrient salt and carbohydrates from fruits.

Fruits like apple, lemon, orange and pomegranate are good for the proper functioning of heart.

Nutrients that are present in apples, dates and mangoes are good to sharpen memory, prevent exhaustion, hysteria, insomnia and mental tension.

All forms of berries are rich in iron, phosphorus and sodium, and that are beneficial for blood building and nerve strengthening.

Lemons are good for liver ailments, indigestion and also rheumatism.

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