Foods for a Flatter Belly

No one wants to move around with a bulging belly as it is not only looks ugly but is also an indication of poor health. While most of us associate fat with a blot on one’s beauty and image, fat can also lead to numerous health problems like cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and various serious ailments. One does not need to starve oneself to achieve a flat and a flaunting belly but instead by following some tips on intelligent and healthy eating, one can easily get rid of one’s bulging belly and replace it with a much healthier and a smarter flat belly.

The simple and most basic need demands the reduction of calories, sweets and fatty food items to reduce the accumulation of fat in your body. One should increase one’s protein intake as the body has to work harder to digest protein which in turn leads to more burning of calories. One’s diet should thus consist of food items like chicken, fish and egg since these are rich in protein. In addition, eggs contain vitamin B12 which significantly helps the body to break down and burn the fat from one’s body. One should also replace the use of saturated fats with monounsaturated fats like olive oil, walnuts and avocado as these effectively aid in the metabolizing of fat in the body and thus aids your belly to shed off the extra kilos. In addition, olive oil is a vital source of ‘good fat’ which keeps the blood cholesterol level low along with aiding in the burning of fat. Foods like apples, baked sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, oatmeal and other high fiber food items should be included in one’s diet as along with helping in the healthy functioning of the digestive system, these fiber rich foods help in satisfying the hunger demands of the body without leading to overeating or fat accumulation. One has often heard that eating yogurt can provide calcium benefits to the body but very few of us are aware that yogurt is also easy to digest which leaves one’s stomach easily and thus does not lead to the bloating of stomach. By following intelligent and healthy eating, one can easily shed off the extra and unwanted fat from one belly to attain a flaunting and a flat belly.