Flat tummy

Every day you see your neighbor’s ladies wearing all kinds of cloth and easily slip into their body. It can drive you really crazy if you are conscious about looks. Time has changed and with it many things have changed. One need not be apprehensive about their looks.

You can fit into any cloths if only you know how to remain slim and fit by doing regular exercises and taking proper diet.

Your tea can actually help you becoming slim and trim. Firs look at the certain functions of our stomachs. They are naturally washboard and retain water or get bloated when you are stressed, hormonal or whenever we grab raw tough food which our digestive system takes much time to do so. It can make you feel yuck. So, for that take natural tea to blow off the problem. Drink on an empty stomach in the morning and then you can take it through out the day.

You are warned not to stop it in between, if do so then it’s in your hand. All you need is green or white tea, juice of a lemon. Replace your morning milk tea with a mug of green tea or white tea with half a lemon squeezed in. This will drain out fats and it’s sure to give smile on the face if you do or make it regularly. This is a healthy method to reduce fat tummy.

Do crunch exercise as many times as you can in a day. This will definitely loose fats. Your consumption of food should contain all the necessary requirements. Avoid oily food and drink plenty of water. Stop grabbing junk food from outside. Strictly prohibit yourself taking food from outside.

Besides these, one should watch their daily life style. Quite often it is seen that if you don’t follow healthy life style, you will end up gaining more weight.

Probably you must have gotten enough doses after going through these tips. Hopefully your new wears will play a game of slip and slide in your slim body.