Fighting Obesity – An Ayurvedic Way


obesityfight Obesity is defined as the excess amount of fat in the body. Being over weight means excess muscle, bone, water and fat mass. People who are overweight and obese are at a higher risk of developing chronic diseases.

Fat is required by the body to provide energy and for heat absorption and for absorbing shock. Mostly the fat stores are deposited around the abdomen. It is around the hips for women and at the belly for men.

Fat gets deposited in and around belly in all living beings. It is also present in bone. Hence when a person becomes obese his stomach bulges out. Obesity leads to fatigue and lethargy.Obese people will not be active.

What causes obesity? When people consume more calories than they can burn, it leads to fat deposits in the body. Diet and lifestyle and even genetics play an important role in determining if a person will be obese.

Eating disorders, psychological problems as well lead to over eating or binge eating and finally result in obesity. Some people may be overweight on account of underlying health conditions such as hypothyroidism.

Prescription steroids and drugs may also lead to obesity in the long run.
Obesity presents some long term health risks. It can lead to diabetes, blood pressure, stroke, joint immobility and weakness, liver problems and even infertility. It may also leas o low libido, lack of energy, Kidney related diseases and skin problems.

You can fight obesity under the supervision of your doctor. A slow and a considered plan may work best. Short term goals, change in lifestyle habits and eating habits will gradually start to show their impact.

A disciplined approach and gradual caloric reduction will see you to the end of your goal. Replace all junk food in your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. A balanced diet will streamline your eating pattern. Cut down on high fat and high sugar products.

Physical activity is a must. A moderate amount of activity complementing your lifestyle must be incorporated into your daily routine to improve metabolic activity and to lose weight.

Brisk exercise for 30 minutes 5 days a week is the solution to the problem. Cutting out on your afternoon nap is also believed to help fight obesity. Honey consumption is known to dissolve body fat.

All these tips can be easily incorporated into your daily life to fight obesity.