Fiber therapy for weight loss program


fibersupplement Many of you might have tried losing weight without much success. This is because you do not know the right method that will help you to lose the weight that you have gained by consuming junk food and food rich in fat content.

This means that you may be overlooking an important aspect of your diet. This component is fiber. Deficiency of fiber in your diet can make weight loss a headache and you will not be successful in any program that you undertake to lose weight.

It is time to consider a few fiber therapy techniques. These techniques help you to burn the unwanted fat that is stored in your body.

The first step in the therapy is a 2-day fiber therapy detoxification. It is a known fact that including fiber in your diet increases digestion power, and helps to maintain good colon health by digesting the food that you eat more efficiently.

Start the day by eating whole-wheat bread, about two slices. This bread must be a low calorie one. Add 2 oranges to the diet as they have excellent fiber content that will help you achieve your goal to lose the extra weight that you have.

An invigorating bowl of oatmeal can be very enjoyable, too. This magic food called oatmeal has all you need to keep you in the good shape that you dream to have. This is a major source of carbohydrates known as complex-carbohydrates and helps to keep you strong and to have a well-built body.

Lunch should consist of beans, chicken, and green leafy vegetables. They all have fiber in them. They are proven foods used in fiber therapy. Have fruits like apples, papaya, & bananas. They are all good sources of the fiber that you need to have.

For dinner, you may want to eat a light food such as cereal, which is wholegrain and again is a rich source of fiber. Try bran flakes or oatmeal. Add two of the fiber-rich fruits to your dinner. Following this diet, helps maintain a healthy colon and this leads to getting rid of waste and fat from the body.