FBI workout session


It takes a lot of hard work and effort to become a FBI agent. A person who wants to become a FBI agent should possess excellent reasoning skills, strong intellectual capabilities, ability to act and think instantly and excellent vision and hearing abilities. In addition to all these factors, you need to be in excellent physical condition.

An individual aspiring to become an FBI agent will have to go through a stringent fitness test and if you are not trained to give this test, chances are that you may not qualify. As long as you have taken proper training and are aware of the FBI workout session clearing the test should not a major problem.
You need to know the basics to become an FBI agent before you start your FBI workout session.

Test requirements
The FBI test consists of four components that every individual wanting to become FBI agent will have to go through:

1. The first test will test you on how many sit-ups you can perform in a time span of just one minute.
2. You will be timed for a sprint of 300 minutes.
3. A push-up test for which you will be judged for the number of push-ups you can perform until you get tired.
4. You will be judged for running of 1.5 meters and will be timed for it.

In order to pass the fitness test and qualify, you need a minimum of 12 points combining all the four tests. The scores of each test range from -2 to 10. You do not have to be a perfectionist to clear the test, however you need to perform to the best of your ability in each of these tests.

If you want to excel in these tests, it is necessary to include exercises in your training session which will be very helpful and boost your performance greatly.

Designing the program
The training session consists of three parts for an FBI workout. The first is the aerobic phase for which you will have to run 1.5 miles, second comes the anaerobic phase for sprint and lastly the strength phase that will help you in your sit-up/push-up test.

In order to include these exercises in the FBI sessions, you will need to devote three days in a week for strength/aerobic workout and two days in a week for anaerobic workouts. This will give you a resting time for the remaining two days that is necessary so that you get stronger by each week.