Fad Diets Do Not Equal Permanent Weight Loss


Faddiet Why are fad diets and the majority of the free diet programs that you see advertised on the internet, not good for long term weight loss? Have you ever thought about this? If you have, this article will explain why fad diets do not promote long term weight loss results.

Fad diets do not provide your body with the proper nutrition. With most fad diets you wind up consuming only one kind of macronutrient which causes you to be deficient in calories and other nutrients.

The most famous fad diet right now is the low-carbohydrate diet. Low- carbohydrate diets are effective for short term weight loss because they are high in protein.

The body continuously burns protein during digestion. So any food that you eat is immediately burned off. But how long can you maintain the weight loss results on a low- carbohydrate diet? The answer is – for not long at all.

After a while of not consuming carbohydrates which is the primary source of energy, your body will go on the defense and force you to stop the low- carbohydrate diet.

As a result, you go back to eating the carbohydrates that your body has been lacking and craving and you gain the weight back. A low- carbohydrate diet takes a lot of will power. Some people may even experience mood swings because our bodies naturally need carbohydrates to function.

The other weight loss fads are these free online diets that you see as pop-up advertisements. How effective can these diets be when it comes to long term weight loss? They are certainly not very effective.

These diets deprive the body of necessary nutrients and your body just doesn’t work to peak performance. It’s like trying to drive a car uphill with no gas in it.

A lot of diets fail because the people on the diet lose motivation. Most of these diets are complicated and require you to count either your weight or calories and that can become cumbersome.

Besides, not everyone is thrilled with the thought of having to exercise or switch over the contents of their refrigerator to healthier foods. So, as a result, people give up on the diet. And therefore, there are no long term weight loss results.

Motivation to exercise and stay on a diet can be hard to muster up and it is even harder to keep the positive momentum going. For example, walking is an easy form of cardio activity, yet not many people do it. Why? Because people don’t like to do it and they feel it is easier to drive.

We all know that the way to lose weight effectively and maintain a healthy body is to eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly. But how do we motivate ourselves? The way to stay motivated is to constantly remind yourself of your goals.