FAD Diet – Should We Go For It Or Should We Not?


Fad_diets Nowadays every single person wants to have a perfect figure and in fact, try hard to achieve that. However, what do you think is the best way to reduce your fat? Well, it can be a crash diet or in other words a fad diet.

But it is important to note, that a fast and easy weight loss is not as same as a healthy weight loss. It is good for people to lose their weight over the period of months, instead of losing it in some days or even weeks.

Although in a healthy diet or weight loss, you lose only 2-3 pounds in a week. Nevertheless, it is more useful and beneficial than the sudden weight loss achieved in a short span.

Drawback of fad diet

• Fad diets or sudden weight loss should be a consideration only for a short duration and not for a long- term use, as a strategy for your weight management. Physicians usually do not recommend fad diets, as it can lead to some health problems, like weak bones or even eating disorders.

• Fad diets can even destruct your metabolism, since during the diet, body usually feels deprived of food and so tries to store more and more food, as a result it becomes fat.

• One should keep it in mind that you quickly regain the weight you have lost during fad diet, as the weight, which is lost, is the water weight and not the fat tissues that are very essential for losing weight permanently.

Kinds of fad diet

• Grape diet: Fad diet is a kind of diet, which will tell you about losing weight simply in one week. Grape diet is one of a fad diet that is difficult, but it will provide you with great results.

If you are on grape diet then you can only have grapes and can only drink water. So, it becomes very monotonous. It is advisable to follow this diet only for around three days.

• Cabbage diet: You can also lose weight quickly by having only cabbage soup. While on cabbage soup diet, you can only eat or drink cabbage soup. It is not very hard to follow this diet like the other ones.
So simply follow the diet of your choice, as long as it does not affect your health.

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