Eye shadow Application Tips


eyeshadow Putting an eye shadow is not an easy feat. It is every woman’s dream to apply it perfectly and beautifully like the one done by professional makeup artists. Well, here’s your chance. Learn these few tips to get a perfect eye shadow.

Tips for applying eye shadow perfectly

Tip #1: With eye shadow, you must learn how to blend colors. These colors would act as the base, main color and highlighter. These are applied in layers to emphasize lid and crease. Your colors must range from light to dark and the application should also follow that pattern. First apply the base which should be the lightest. Main color and highlighter should then follow in turn.

Tip #2: Your chosen base must be able to hold your eye shadow for long lasting effect. Try MAC Paints as it is the most recommended brand. If you are using a neutral color for base, you can cover enough area even the brow bone. Otherwise, just apply your eye shadow around your lid below the brow bone, especially at daytime.

Tip #3: Dark eye shadow will serve as the highlighter of the crease. You must apply this carefully as this could make your eyes look droopy and a little lifeless, if not done properly. Only cover the area at the outer corner of your eyes.

Getting the right color combination

Tip #1: Nowadays, eye shadow combinations are very adventurous in nature. You can try colors that are in perfect contrast to your natural eye color, or put on exactly the same color as that of your eyes, such as taupe, lavender or blue. With this, your eyes will liven up and look brighter.

Tip #2: Another cool thing you can do with your eyes is the shimmer. If you are one of the many women who dream of trying this, you need a nude shade eye shadow for your lid and then, shimmer highlights at your brow bone.

Tip #3: If you fancy wearing a smoky eye, the portion under your lower lashes should be applied with an eye shadow of deeper color including the area just reaching the lid.

Tip #4: Above anything else, picking the right combination of eye shadow must also take into account the color of rest of your face, like your lipstick. If you are sporting a red lipstick, choose lighter shades of eye shadows.

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