Express Your Emotion To Stay Healthy

What kind of person you are? Are you a person, who hardly expresses his true emotions? It is not only you; most of us fall under the same category. We usually put ourselves under many restrictions, which never allow us to speak our mind frankly to others.

Always we should remain under control. Crying is not good, as people might make fun of me or may not respect me. Expression of true emotion might make people think how weak I am. All these thoughts just creep in our mind, as we think of expressing our true emotions.

Why I am insisting on expressing your true emotions because, if you don’t allow your emotions to be expressed then it will have its negative impact upon your health. Yes, it has been found that people, who express themselves more openly, live longer and have reduced risk of suffering from many diseases. The more you inculcate the habit of being more expressive, the healthier your life would be.

To stay healthy, it is not always necessary to rely upon the doctors and medicines. First of all we should do our bits of duty. Yes, it should be duty for all of us to be happy by being more open and more expressive, for which you don’t have to pay. Try to practice the following things in your daily life and experience the change.

Try to accept yourself as you are. Say to yourself that you should be under control but at the same time you need to honest your feelings by expressing your emotions. Value yourself, so that it will give you strength to be more expressive. Eventually, this will make you feel complete.

Few people are there, who sometimes want to cry for some reason but they fail to express themselves by crying. In such a situation, never hold back yourself from crying. Just express yourself before anyone, who you consider very close to you. Then, see how relaxed you feel.

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