3 Exercises To Strengthen The Arms

Exercises To Strengthen The Arms

Exercises To Strengthen The Arms

In today’s hectic schedule of fast life there is hardly any time for people to take care of their body. This constant daily hectic schedule of the office and home chores especially for the ladies weakens the body within a span of time.

Hence, it is preferred by the women to go for exercises that do not take much time and also strengthen their body to a great extent. Such simple exercise can be as follows –

3 Best Exercises For Arms

Push ups

The simplest and most common exercise to strengthen your arms is doing push ups. Doing around ten quality push ups daily is enough for a beginner. Then the count can be exceeded to 25 as you come into practise. The technique is very easy as it involves lying down with face down on the floor.


Lie down on the floor with your back facing upwards. Use your hands to lift your whole body by pushing your weight against the floor. Ensure that you keep your neck, head, hips and back in line while lifting your body. Also, keep your body fully extended and straight so much so that you do not bend your knees. This will constantly and gradually tone up your arms and hands to a great extent.

Chair Dip

This exercise not only strengthens the arms but also burns up the fat in and around the thigh. The technique is similar to sitting on a chair. Firstly take a chair and simply sit on it. Slide and push yourself ahead sitting and catch hold of the edge of the chair seat. Then support the weight of yours with your hands since your body is no more in contact with the chair and is rather in air.

Chair Dip

Perform the bending exercise maintaining the 90 degrees angle from time to time as you bend. Sit with the heels of your hands on the edge of a sturdy chair seat. Slide your butt off the seat, and support your weight with your hands. Straighten your right leg; your left leg should be bent at about a 90-degree angle. As you bend, there is involvement of the elbows bending at the same time as you get down near the floor.

You have to basically push back until you straighten your arms. Support of the heels of your leg is required the most as it is the one that handles and balances your body weight. Perform this exercise about 8 to 18 times daily. This shall strengthen your arms very much along with toning up your whole body.

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Triceps Stretch

This one of the simplest exercises since it involves the simplest moves in it. The basic focus of this exercise is toning up the arms and that too the triceps. The technique involves firstly sitting with your legs folded or sitting cross-legged. Then simply raising one hand of yours straight and stretching it up as much as you can. The next step involves slowly bending the same hand backwards and overhead.

Triceps Stretch

Then bring the same behind the head and towards the opposite hand’s shoulder blade. Grab the same hand with the other hand to keep it stretched for over 30 seconds. Repeat the same with the other hand and keep doing this for some time. By this the muscles of the arms would be very much toned up.

Stretch Exercises

All in all these stretch exercises not only strengthen up your arms but also make you tone up your body. This is the advantage that the arm exercises hold over the various common exercises.