Exercises To Strengthen Hands

Hand exercises are best exercises for strengthening the gripping power of hands. We perform several things with hands everyday, but all these activities are not counted under exercises. Hand exercises are better exercises to relax hand muscles. Here are some of the exercises to strengthen hands that can benefit you in desirable manner:

Thumb Exercise
Hold the wrist in straight position.
Touch your thumb to each of your fingertip in such a way that it makes the shape of ‘O’.
After forming ‘O’ with each of your finger, spread it for relief.
Take the help of other hand if necessary.

Door Opener
Put your forearm on the table in resting position.
Position of your palm should be down.
Now, keep your little finger on the table.
Turn your hand so that your palm faces up.
Use your other hand for the gripping of your forearm.
Remember grip your forearm not the wrist or hand.

Hand Exercise

Take a rubber ball.
Squeeze the ball to strengthen the hand.
Once you will able to strengthen with soft object like ball then you can take any hard thing for performing same task.
Remember one thing while performing the activity all of your fingers and thumb should contribute together.
Spread the fingers for relax.
You can relax after 5-7 repeats as per your ability.

Forearms Curls
Sit on a bench or a chair.
Pick up the dumbbell and hold it with the fist.
Let the bar roll down to your fingertips and roll it back up into your palms again.
Start doing with 1 minute and increase it to 5 minutes.
Climbing sport routes and indoor climbing routes can take 5-10 minutes.

Finger Exercise
Touch the fingertip to the arm end.
Relax for few minutes.
Now, try to bend the finger joints closest to the finger tip.
Bend the joints of knuckles.
After relaxing few seconds perform the exercises in reverse position.
One can perform these exercise either taking fingers together or individually.
If necessary you can take the help of your hand.