Exercises to Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Exercises

The problem of Osteoporosis is most common in people aged 40 and above. You might also fall victim to the disease if you did not take due care of yourself in the early stages of your life.

Osteoporosis is basically a disease of the bones in which they start to be rubbed off and, ultimately, are lost. The consequences of Osteoporosis can be extremely dangerous and render you helpless if you do not take precautionary measures at the right time. Most of the medical research about bone loss has recognized regular exercise to be one of the ways to avoid the problem.

Cause of Osteoporosis:
The main cause of Osteoporosis is the slow supply of calcium, which is the basic unit of bones, to other parts of the body after the age of 30. Nature has designated many other functions to calcium, so when it is distributed in large amounts to other parts of the body, a calcium deficit is created in the bones, which ultimately leads to bone loss.

Exercises as Remedy:
If you want to avoid Osteoporosis, you need to inculcate exercise as an essential part of your routine. In particular, the exercises which require more strength and maximum use of joints and bones will be helpful in this regard. You have the options of weightlifting, stair climbing, jogging, running etc. All of these exercises require strength while making your bones used to the movement and activity.

Consulting your physician is extremely important before starting any of the above-mentioned hard exercises. The reason is that there might be some technical complications that need to be taken care of. It is not a hard and fast rule that every exercise will suit every individual, as there are variations in the individual’s personal strength and stamina. It is advised to find a workable combination of some intense exercise with lighter ones so as to make your body familiar with the methods of exercise.

If you are bored working alone, it is suggested to form a close group of your friends to give you company. This will maintain your interest in the exercises. Moreover, it might be helpful to your friends also. The motivation level is important if someone wants to avoid a certain disease. By working in groups, you can keep your focus and motivation.

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