Exercises to lose weight


aerobicsweightlose While eating healthy is extremely important, so is doing exercises. The exercises that combine the cardio aspect with the toning one are the best for your body. You will lose more calories this way!

Here are some exercises that are created for weight loss

Step aerobics

In an hour, you burn 800 calories. This exercise targets the legs, the hips or the bum, which are areas where women have problems slimming down. For instance, exercising one hour per day, or 2 sessions of 30 minutes will definitely help. The results will be seen in less than a week.

Another exercise would be doing bench presses, which complements itself with step aerobics. While they are a little difficult to start with, make sure you master the way of doing them correctly and then you can start from there.

Bicycle exercises

You can burn from 500-1000 calories, in just one hour. This is really a calorie burner that means you will get to use a lot of energy, just by riding the bike for an hour.

If you need some really good exercise, then you should probably go for a good quality bike. It is also easy to ride the bike while you are watching TV, because this makes the cycling more enjoyable.


This is another good calorie burner exercise. Doing the lengths in the pool and constantly keeping the rhythm for about an hour, will surely burn off 800 calories and also tone the body .You can also stay motivated by allowing yourself a treatment in the Jacuzzi, if you want to.


Here is another activity that burns up 800 calories in an hour. This involves running, doing thus a lot of cardio and in the mean time toning your thighs.

This is a really sociable activity, because you can talk to people and interact with them while playing racquetball. If you can keep the rhythm for a long time, then you can skip the gym if you want to!

Elliptical burners

This activity will burn up 600 calories in an hour.  This cardio exercises helps build the strong muscles that you need, tones the stomach and keeps the heart pumping healthily.

The elliptical burner might be boring for some people, but if you split the sessions in a time slot, say for instance 10 minutes, then you will certainly feel “exercised” at the end of your routine.