Exercises To Build Spinal Muscles

Build Spinal Muscles

Build Spinal Muscles

The circulation of blood around the body is dependent on muscle. Much of the wall of the heart is made from muscle. It is used to pump blood around the body. Spinal muscle flexibility is considered important for preventing and treating lower back pain. Some of exercises are mentioned below which help to build spinal muscles.

Camel /Cat Exercise

The camel and mad cat are two great exercises to build spinal muscles. These exercises help to stretch the abdominal and back muscles respectively. These practices are prescribed in many rehabilitation programs. These series of exercises help to floss the nervous system and reduce viscosity. Try to perform 5-6 cycles of these exercises.

Camel-Cat Exercise

These exercises are not a stretch but rather gentle motion. By getting nerves to move, they can create their own space and this space is sufficient for stretch. Don’t perform these exercises instantly after awakening wait till 1-2 hours after get up. That is the critical period since your tissue is super hydrated at that point resulting in an 18% loss of strength in the spine and risk of injury is heightened!

Pelvic Rock on Swiss Ball

This exercise is an extension of above mentioned exercises. As plane movement is required in camel exercise this exercise doesn’t limited to one plane movement. This series of exercises mentioned as a method to pump fresh fluid through the spinal discs to nourish the tissues. This spinal exercise involves both movement’s forward and backward, side-to-side and also circular movement on the ball. This is helpful to increase the speed and range of motion. If the exercise practiced regularly it may helpful to improve your dancing skills.

Pelvic Rock on Swiss Bal

Benefits of Spinal Muscle Exercises

It increases the ability of doing daily tasks and activities.
It provides relief or helpful in lessen the muscular pain.
It increases your sense of well being.
It improves your posture.