Exercises For Women Over 60

Exercises For Women Over 60

Exercises For Women Over 60

Just because we get older does not mean that we have to act or even look our age. More and more women over the age of 60 are starting to get in the habit of regular exercising and stretching in order to get relief from arthritis and to stay healthy and fit.

There are three different types of exercises you can do to help stay fit and healthy over the age of 60. You can do strength training, endurance training and stretching exercises. Each one of these will produce a different result. What you are looking for will depend on what type of exercise that you choose to do.

Upper body exercises will help your muscles by retaining muscle strength, tone and also help to make you more mobile. You want to try and do a set at least 10 times a day if possible. Your shoulders, neck and back will feel better as well as reduce headaches and tension in your muscles. Don’t forget that you can also improve upon your posture.

Upper Body Exercises

Head rolls are great for your neck and upper back muscles. All you have to do is roll your head from side to side with your chin touching your chest. Your feet and legs can get still and ache very quickly if you are not mobile. Kicking off your boots is an excellent exercise that can help to prevent this. By holding onto something for balance, simply kick your leg as if you are kicking off your shoe. Do this with each leg several times.

Head Rolls

Stepping up and down is also great for the legs. These have the same basis as a simple lunge. Be sure to keep your back straight to maintain good posture during this exercise. This will prevent injury to your back.

Stepping Up and Down

All of these exercises and many others can help to reduce arthritis and stiff muscles and joints once you are over 60 years of age. Your lungs will be in better shape from working out as well. Working out will keep you ten years younger and may even make you feel younger than that.