Exercises For Perfectly Toned Arms


Who doesn’t want to have lean, strong and perfectly toned arms? Actually, doing various gym exercises is an easy task, but dedicating yourself to do them daily is a lot more difficult.

Exercises for perfectly toned arms are basically to maintain health and strength of the bones and muscles.

Before starting any exercises, give your body a good stretch. Here are three best exercises to tone your arms and get the perfect look that you always desired.

Exercise 1: Push Ups

Push-ups are the perfect solution for building strength in your core muscles. For beginners, three sets of push-ups, each set containing five push-ups, is ideal. However, if you’re doing it with bended knees, aim for three sets of seven push-ups each.

Exercise 2: Dips

The purpose of performing dips is mainly for working the triceps. However, they are helpful for working the entire arm. The great thing about dips is that they can be performed at any place with or without using any extra equipment.

They can be performed both on the floor as well as on a chair. Simply sit on the floor or on the edge of a chair, and while holding the arms for support, move your butt as low as possible in front of the same chair.

Exercise 3: Pull ups

It is true that most people do not have pull-up bars at their homes. However, if you can get one that fits on the door ways, it would be great. Otherwise, you can go to your nearest park that has pull up bars. Even if you can’t find one, don’t hesitate to use the monkey bars that kids like to climb.

Performing pull ups is not easy; in the beginning you may need the help of others or a chair or stool. Doing just 1 or 2 pull ups will be a difficult task. However, you will surely improve with time and regular practice. Pull ups are good not just for our arms but also the abs as they are also worked with this exercise.

These simple exercises will help you develop strong and great looking toned arms that you will love to flaunt.

Preeti Mehta

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