Exercises for cholesterol control


Lowering of cholesterol is more concerned with the amount of exercise than the intensity of exercise.  If you are a woman and your age falls between 40 to 60 years, you significantly need to exercise for lowering the risk of heart disease.

Less than or equal to 200 mg/dl with higher than or equal to 35 mg/dl of HDL is considered to be a normal blood cholesterol A level of LDL less than 130 mg/dl is good, and it should not reach beyond 160 mg/dl.  Knowing more about your exercise will help you more than mere pursuing them faithfully and rigorously.

The quantity of exercise

A study comprised of previously overweight adults with sedentary lifestyles showed that extra amounts of exercise was effective than less of it.  Their cholesterol levels were influenced strongly by the high intensity of activities, such as jogging about 18 miles per week.  Inactive women were found with bad cholesterol profiles compared to the women who used to exercise routinely.

This was expressed Dr. William E. Kraus to Reuters health.  He said being inactive is more dangerous than doing exercise of either intense or moderate amount.  He also added that exercise is good from all points because it is possible that it shows not outside benefit, but it surely give some inside advantage, such as a healthy heart and therefore, people should not stop doing exercise only because they can see no positive results.

This is why the exercise has been projected with its cardiovascular benefits, including that of healthy cholesterol levels.  Thus, a conclusion can be drawn that any exercise is better than no exercise at all and more exercise is better than less exercise; on the other hand, the worse is the inactivity.

Similarly, losing weight is a more boring process than doing regular exercise for no weight loss.  The best way for lowering cholesterol is the consumption of low-saturated, low-fat, and low-cholesterol food.  Researchers suggest that women who engage in walking for no more than one hour can reduce the risk of heart-related disease into half.  Walking is good to keep away from any heart disease.