Exercises during pregnancy

Part of the identity of a woman is being a mother. She alone can carry a life in her womb and bring a child into this world. It is the most amazing experience that she can have. When a woman gets pregnant, she enjoys a state of ecstasy and utmost happiness, which no one else can bring.

However, it is also true that pregnancy is not the most flattering period for your figure or beauty. Every pregnant woman will like to look good if not her best during this time. Some exercises help to prepare the woman’s body for childbirth. Some of such exercises are listed below.

Whether you are pregnant or not, walking is considered to be the best exercise, especially so if you are pregnant. You do not need to do brisk walking. All you need is walk at a moderate speed for about 20 minutes everyday. This will keep your body active and flexible. It will prevent you from having muscle cramps and you can prepare yourself to lose all the baby fat you have gained after you give birth.

Unlike popular belief, this is a safe exercise, one of the safest in fact.  Almost all doctors recommend it to pregnant women. Again, it makes your body more flexible and agile. It mainly focuses on large muscle groups and hence, it has great cardio-vascular benefits. Besides all the great advantages, it offers the chance of being weightless to the woman, who can feel free and relaxed in water.

Yoga helps you to meditate on the more important aspects of life. It will help you become stress-free and keep you in sync with your emotional and physical self. You can experience great relaxation and calmness during and after performing yoga. You should consult a professional so that you can have all round development, while keeping yourself safe.

Low impact aerobics and dance
This will give you more fun than any other exercise. Dancing and moving your body to the beat of music will relax your body and give you much enjoyment, while keeping you in great physical shape. It will perk you up and you can also do it with your partner, which will bring you both even closer and drive away the pregnancy blues.


  • All pregnant women should strengthen their deepest abdominal muscle: the Transverse Abdominis, or TvA. This is the body’s internal “girdle” and
    when contracted, compresses the abdominal wall.

    Proper functioning of the TvA is critical for spine support, pelvic stability, and good alignment. Maintaining adequate strength in the TvA offers several key benefits during and after pregnancy: it helps prevent pregnancy back pain and abdominal separation, greatly enhances the pushing stage of labor, and helps women flatten their abdomens more quickly after childbirth.